Thursday, February 12, 2009

first things first

first things first, im a horrible speller, ill do my best to check it along the way. as a child i heard repeatedly "good paper, next time try using spell check though." i would smile and nod thinking to myself "i did..." i would always walk away wondering how spell check, my one most ideal friend continued to betray me time and time again. what words did it replace my intended ones with? ohh well, ill just be happy for the advances since then.
as im sure youve noticed, i rarely use proper sentence structure or punctuation, again, im at a loss. hopefully you will read past it as my dear friends have for years.
there seem to be a plethora of people out there happily blogging away out there. i hear from many non bloggers that they are convinced these people are obsessed with themselves (that word took me forever to figure how to spell themselfs - seemed easy enough at the time).
i would just like to take this time to say that i dont actually expect anyone to read this.
i more enjoy the idea of being able to look back on this as an online flip book (if i can figure out how to add pictures there will be many) of how ive spent my time. who writes in a journal?
there are a few things i am personally obsessed with
my family
my incredible nephew, ethan
finding magic in scary old buildings
my new gas mask

:) ill be back


  1. Welcome!! And thanks for adding me as a follower! I will follow you too! Nice shop and nice blue eyes!

  2. hey pretty face :-)
    nice blog :-)
    "i would just like to take this time to say that i dont actually expect anyone to read this."

    I read it and I loved every bit of it :-)

    keep writing, keep smiling