Thursday, May 7, 2009

{just like breathing}

the week that have passed since my last note have been filled with a flurry of life altering events for everyone around me. my dear sweet friend dorene finally became the mother of her 9 pound 1 oz baby logan. at two weeks late and the same exact weight and length as my nephew ethan, they are sure to have their hands full.
ethan turned 1 last week. ONE. whenever possible i refuse to dress him in anything other then onesies (and shoes of course, he is after all running around everywhere now). my sister and her husband some how don't seem to mind. he is starting to say a few more things. as of last friday night when they arrived at our house late i hadnt really heard more then 'mumummummumm' and 'daaaaaa' i was thrilled to hear him repeat after my sister 'ahhh cchhaa cha chaaa.' he just said it. like he was asking for a raspberry muffin. i guess he started saying if a couple of weeks ago and now giggles afterwards.

i have extremely recently been heavily exposed to the-almost-entire 'buying' a house process. i never would have imagined that there could be so much stress, frustration, lack of consideration and caring and PAPERWORK - especially when the owners are a holding company-no feelings involved.

so clearly i didn't buy it, lets face it, i dont read paper work. i am constantly asking my sisters to only send books on dvd.
my boyfriend is finally the pleased owner of an amazing townhouse. this four floor gem is tucked in a beautiful area a bit out of philly. filled with all the things (but lakes) that someone from new england would ache for when away as long as he has been. flowering fruit trees, lush deep woods and a blue starry sky above, almost perfect.

thank you mr and ms e_____ for leaving your high end curtain rods and finials. :)

i am thrilled to say that i sent out 129 flower today (yesterday). 1 for a brides fascinator, 1 for a ring pillow, 5 for a different brides gown, and 122 black and white flowers as favors for a july wedding in long island ny.
i made 9 more flowers tonight for a woman who plans to add them to her Vera Wang wedding gown. ill take it as a tiny sign that i might just being drifting down a path i would be happy to follow.

'hushabye and goodnight...'

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

{creamy dreamy frontpage}

etsy's search for cream landed one of my flowers on the front page yesterday :)
thank you for that.

{a tents not just a tent}

not wanting to wrap the top of my tent in plastic sheets or a giant tarp again this past year {my most favorite summer event is known for thunderstorms}
i decided last january to do something about it. i purchased about ten yards of a lovely double plastic coated linen.
annd then it sat neatly folded.
until two days before the event i wanted it for.
so i got out my trusty measuring tape and got to work. it ended up only taking about three hours from start to finish-and i am by no means an experienced sewer.
i filled the seams with a silicone caulking-i would use something like E600 for that job next time. that would have also cost less. (the caulking started to pull away from the fabric the first time i folded it after using).
it still folds perfectly into the triangle shapes that were cut and sewn together. its a bit heavy but soo worth it. it poured for the last day and a half. the new top, that i simply placed over the original one, surly saved my booth from washing away. the pattern shows through just a bit inside the tent and is really pretty when the sun shines on it.
if i were to do it again, i would get at least 12 yards, make the lip longer all the way around. i would pick two sides (to make a corner) much longer. again i would fill the seams with E600.
there was no need to finish the edges where the plastic keeps the fabric from fraying. you could always make proper holes so youre able to screw the new top on with the old one. where i dont fold it up with the tent itself, that seems too time consuming.
i have to admit i was thrilled with myself for figuring out how to put this together. as it turns out-i did NOT need any math skills to accomplish this. might have been helpful, but im sure it would have only slowed me down.

hope someone has found this helpful and inspiring. i would love to see more pride taken in booth setups and displays. :)

Friday, February 27, 2009

{a dreamy diaper cake}

tomorrow is my dear sweet friend dorene's baby shower (two of three). shes one of the brightest, cheery people you will ever meet. five quick weeks to go until their little baby boy will be here. he'll have a brilliant name, funny parents, a warm home and love to fill four life times. i am just about as excited as i was with my sweet nephew ethan. born only a few weeks after dorene's baby will be.
the urge to craft as much of the event as i could took over. the result was a three layered diaper cake. i tried to make it as rustic as i could. i didnt even use scissors, haha we'll see what little baby's daddy thinks tomorrow night :)
this late night will surly lead to an early mornings of scrambling to make sure nothing was wrapped in the 'wrong' color and nothing says 'girl.'
now what to wear, what to wear...

Tuesday, February 24, 2009

20 inches of snow

the twenty inches of snow that feel sunday night have reduced me to sitting in a parking lot using wifi...

dont get me wrong, i had lunch there while they were open this afternoon. they beautiful place Maine bean, is so big they didnt even realize i was still there at five when they closed.

they said they didnt mind if i hung around to finish up work.

okay, so this isnt work, but its still important.

i stayed up until 1 sunday (monday morning) to start plowing the driveway-yes, i know, one of my nicknames is pg1 (plow girl one). i couldnt believe how much snow had fallen in the five short hours since the storm had started. i only did the top large park of our huge driveway. the rest was too scary with hills and turns. i felt like i was in a wintery snow globe that had been shaken in a mad furry. the 'flakes' were almost the size of cotton balls whipping at you with rage. yet in the comfy warm truck the heavy wet snow seem to me as though i was plowing the inside of my mixing bowl filled with whoopie pie filling (i make a mean whoopiecake-as my beautiful sister ang calls it). it was the purest white youve ever seen, almost blue. it stuck perfectly wherever i put it. a little bit of fair tale in a disaster zone.

we lost power as soon as i went back in. we're lucky enough to have gas fire places and still able to use the stove top. the power was restored yesterday afternoon. no luck yet with my beloved Internet though.

and that is how ive been reduced to this parking lot. at least the sun set is fantastic :)

Wednesday, February 18, 2009

{a quiet blissful place to be}

this is my quiet place, the cozy place thats all mine. the colors~as cliche as it sounds-feed my soul. keep me level headed when we're berried under four feet of snow... {its snowing now... another foot by morning, id been hoping hoping hoping it was done for the year} pulls me back to the incredible water in switzerland {if the ones around me arent enough-i do live in the lakes region). the greens make my head swirl thinking of how gleefully green everything out my windows will be in a couple of months.

interlaken, switzerland 3.08

the water look right down over it actually looks like this...

interlaken, switzerland 3.08

just a couple more months and everything will be as it should. . .

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

{Front page of Etsy}

i made it to the front page of etsy this morning! it was one of the special Make a new discovery when you "Shop Local" selections that etsy admin picks.
fantastic textures with the other pieces that they picked. this is one of my favorite flowers right now. hope your mornings are all starting off just as well :)