Tuesday, February 24, 2009

20 inches of snow

the twenty inches of snow that feel sunday night have reduced me to sitting in a parking lot using wifi...

dont get me wrong, i had lunch there while they were open this afternoon. they beautiful place Maine bean, is so big they didnt even realize i was still there at five when they closed.

they said they didnt mind if i hung around to finish up work.

okay, so this isnt work, but its still important.

i stayed up until 1 sunday (monday morning) to start plowing the driveway-yes, i know, one of my nicknames is pg1 (plow girl one). i couldnt believe how much snow had fallen in the five short hours since the storm had started. i only did the top large park of our huge driveway. the rest was too scary with hills and turns. i felt like i was in a wintery snow globe that had been shaken in a mad furry. the 'flakes' were almost the size of cotton balls whipping at you with rage. yet in the comfy warm truck the heavy wet snow seem to me as though i was plowing the inside of my mixing bowl filled with whoopie pie filling (i make a mean whoopiecake-as my beautiful sister ang calls it). it was the purest white youve ever seen, almost blue. it stuck perfectly wherever i put it. a little bit of fair tale in a disaster zone.

we lost power as soon as i went back in. we're lucky enough to have gas fire places and still able to use the stove top. the power was restored yesterday afternoon. no luck yet with my beloved Internet though.

and that is how ive been reduced to this parking lot. at least the sun set is fantastic :)

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